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What Should I Do If I Spot A Lot Of Spider Webs On My Anna Property

What Should I Do If I Spot A Lot Of Spider Webs On My Anna Property

Seeing a spider web is always concerning. Whether you are noticing them from a distance or finding them with your face, there are few things as unsettling as seeing these webs in or around your home, especially knowing that spiders may be close by. Our question for you today is, should you be concerned about spider webs in or around your Anna home? Here are some things for you to consider and some strategies to prevent spiders from entering your living areas.

What Do Spiders Do?

Spiders have a bad reputation. Most people consider these arachnids to be harmful and scary pests. The truth is, spiders are extremely beneficial because they play a big part in culling insect populations around properties. Keeping this in mind, a couple of types of spiders in our area are dangerous and have potentially life-threatening venom. Spiders are also creepy and bone-chilling to observe. For this reason, we recommending establishing a balance on your property. Of course, you don’t want these pests indoors but should you also be deterring them from your property?

Should You Remove Spider Webs From Your Plants?

Many spiders that build their webs over bushes and shrubs have no intentions of invading your home. In fact, leaving some webs in your yard or on your greenery might help reduce your chances of finding other pests indoors. If you have a reliable pest control plan, however, you might want to sweep these webs up as they won’t serve any other purpose than to make your yard and landscaping look spookier. 

Should You Remove Spider Webs From Around Your Home’s Exterior?

If spiders are building their webs under the eaves of your home or around its exterior, it is only a matter of time before they get inside to hunt. Spiders are more likely to invade your living areas during the winter months as many pests look to homes as places to shelter from the cold. We recommend using a long broom to knock down any webs you find around your home’s exterior to reduce your chances of finding spiders indoors. 

Should You Remove Spider Webs From Inside Your Home?

If spiders are making webs inside your home, you are going to need more than a broom. Knocking down a web will only stop one of these pests for a time and will not fully solve your problem. Considering that some web-building spiders, like the black widow, are incredibly dangerous. We recommend letting a pest control professional treat your home if you are finding webs indoors. This will allow you to keep your distance from these pests and reduce your chances of being bitten. 

What Professional To Trust With Your Spider Problems

Getting spiders out of your home is only a start. You should be taking action to make sure these arachnids and the insects they invade to hunt are staying out, year-round. The best way to do this is by hiring the experts at EcoArmor Pest Defense. We will pay your home a visit and perform a detailed pest inspection. This will allow us to assess your risk, inform you of pest pressures on your property, and walk you through some options to remove current threats from your home as well as keep future invaders outside where they belong. If that is something that interests you, we would love to talk you through your options today.

Call us now to discuss our comprehensive spider control measures and find out how you can have your Anna home and property protected against invasive pests year-round.