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What are spiders?

Thousands of spider species are found within the state of Texas today, many of them taking up residence around the insides of homes, the corners of garages, and other dark, quiet spaces. Spiders are best known for their eight legs and multiple sets of eyes, usually facing the front of their heads. However, there are some characteristics that vary from spider to spider:

  • Wolf spiders are large, hairy arachnids that choose to follow their prey from place to place. Instead of building webs, these pests chase down their prey using long legs and ambush tactics. 

  • Black widow spiders are known for being some of the most dangerous arachnids in America. These shiny, pitch black spiders have small red hourglasses on their abdomens, a visible sign of potential danger.

  • Brown recluse spiders are secretive pests that prefer to stay far away from humans. Velvety bodies and a distinguishing "fiddle" shape on their abdomens make them easy to identify.

a black widow spider

Are spiders dangerous?

The vast majority of spiders found in Texas are classified as nuisance pests, or creatures that cannot harm humans, animals, or structures. While all spiders have fangs and some form of venom, they are rarely powerful enough to injure an adult human. They also lack the ability to destroy wood, clothing, or human food, choosing to hunt insects instead.

Spider species are not always harmless, however. Black widows and the brown recluse are dangerous pests that should be removed from the home as soon as possible.

Why do I have a spider problem?

Genuine spider problems are very rare around residential and commercial properties. While finding an odd arachnid or two is not uncommon, the presence of several dozen spiders could speak to a larger problem in the building.

Additional pest infestations such as roaches, ants, or beetles could be attracting spiders inside the building for a quick meal. If the pest prey infestation is established enough, spiders may decide to settle down or even breed within the walls, which requires immediate action or treatment to fix properly.

Where will I find spiders?

In the wild, spiders can be found around any place that provides adequate cover. The underside of tree bark, the bottoms of rocks and stones, or the inside of children’s playground equipment are all some of their favorite locations.

Inside the home, spiders can be more subtle in their approach. Some species build webs inside corners or around infrequently used clutter. Nomadic species like wolf spiders choose to spend their time underneath boxes, sofas, and other furniture that keep them hidden. If you have a dark, quiet, or hard-to-reach corner in your home, chances are, you'll find a spider nestled down somewhere near the area.

How do I get rid of spiders?

The best way to get spiders out of your Texas home or business is to invest in professional pest control solutions with a company in your area. EcoArmor Pest Defense has everything it takes to get the job done right, offering extensive experience in spider control for Texas residents.

Batten down the hatches with some help from EcoArmor Pest Defense. Call to take advantage of our spider control plans today.

How can I prevent spiders in the future?

Preventing spiders is always cheaper, easier, and more efficient than eliminating an existing infestation. Protect yourself and those you love by following these helpful precautionary steps: 

  • Sweep all webs away from the sides of the home. 

  • Look for ways to seal up potential spider entry points. 

  • Have your home professionally inspected for pest prey infestations.

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