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Termite Infestation Warning Signs In Anna

Termite Infestation Warning Signs In Anna

Did you know termites are important decomposers? That’s right, this pest isn’t just around to destroy man-made structures but helps to break down organic matter, which allows for new growth to occur. Although this is the case, termites in Texas are still a threat to many Anna homes.

Termites are known as “silent destroyers” because they can infest a property without being noticed for months and even years. This means that this pest can do severe damage, leaving homeowners with expensive damage.

Signs Of A Termite Infestation In Anna

What are the causes of termites, and how do these signs of termites inform you of impending damage?

Many termite species require high moisture levels to survive. This is one thing termite swarmers, flying reproductives, look for when searching for a new colony site. Once they land, swarmers will drop their wings, often the first sign of a termite problem. High moisture and termites can also show themselves through difficult-to-close doors, windows, and mud tubes.

When the air is humid, windows and doors can swell, making them hard to move. Species like subterranean termites use mud tubes to travel from their nest underneath the soil to the food source.

Once termites eat away at wood or other cellulose-based materials, you can see signs of damage, including hollow-sounding wood. You may also find piles of what looks like sawdust. This is known as frass and is waste created by termites as they eat.

Last, if you hear a soft clicking sound coming from inside the walls, it is not just in your head but might be termites. When they perceive danger, soldier termites will warn the rest of the colony by banding their heads.

The Dangers Of Termites In Your Anna Home

You probably don’t need us to tell you more about the damage a termite colony can cause in a home. However, there are several other dangers of this pest you should know about, such as health concerns.

While termites do not bite people or spread diseases, they can trigger allergies and asthma as they leave waste and produce dust. Another issue that comes with termites is water damage.

As said above, high moisture is one of the causes of termites. This means that there is a good chance you have water damage in your home, leading to mold and unsafe conditions for people.

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home In Anna?

Depending on the species and size of the termite colony, it may only take between one to three years for termites to destroy a home. This is why time is of the essence for this pest. Don’t let termites eat away at your home with ongoing inspections and prevention from local experts.

Effective Termite Control For Anna Properties

Whether you have signs of termites on your Anna property or not, you can rely on EcoArmor Pest Defense for control and prevention methods that work.

Our termite control process begins with a comprehensive inspection to identify the species, conducive conditions, and how extensive the termite damage is. Utilizing Sentricon® Always Active bait stations around the perimeter of the home or Recruit® HG Flex Pack bait stations, depending on if you have an active infestation or not, we will make sure your home is protected.

With our annual monitoring, you will be protected year-round from termites in Texas. Call us at EcoArmor Pest Defense today to start with the termite treatments you need!