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Keep Termites Off Your McKinney, TX Property

There's no question that termites rank at or near the top of any "Most Expensive Pest" list. Termites never sleep and never stop eating, causing damage the whole time. For this reason, a termite infestation that's allowed to exist for too long can cause severe problems for your home or commercial property that are costly to repair.

The two main problems caused by termites are either structural damage or cosmetic damage. While structural damage might be covered by insurance, it's not guaranteed.

Unfortunately, even large colonies can go undetected for years due to their habits. For this reason, the best home or commercial pest control defense against a termite infestation is professional treatment centered on ongoing inspection and prevention. 

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Our Termite Control Process

The sooner you fight back against a termite infestation in your McKinney, TX property, the sooner you can keep your property protected. We understand the urgency, which is why we've honed our termite control process to perfection, so you know you're getting the type of results you've always wanted.

As always, we'll begin with our comprehensive inspection before getting to work on treatment. We'll inspect the entire home during the inspection, looking for active termites, signs of termites, and conducive conditions.

After the inspection is complete, we'll get started on treatment. During this step, we'll place Sentricon® Always Active bait stations around the perimeter of the home. If we find that you have an active termite issue, we'll use above-ground Recruit® HG Flex Pack bait stations to eliminate the colony.

In our ongoing effort to keep your property secure, we provide annual monitoring. In addition, with our team, you get 24/7, 365 protection. Finally, we offer wood-destroying insect inspections for real estate agents.

Preventing Termite Infestations In McKinney, TX

Part of successful termite prevention is to know the tips and tricks needed to prevent infestations better. Some of our most effective tips include:

  • Avoid water accumulation near your home's foundation.

  • Reduce humidity in areas like crawl spaces.

  • Eliminate wood contact with the soil.

If you suspect a termite infestation on your McKinney, TX property, take action immediately by calling the service professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense. We're here to help you with all of your termite control needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Sentricon® system attract termites?
No. Termites find Sentricon® stations through their relentless search and continuous foraging for additional food sources. Once they discover the stations, inside they’ll find the patented and highly desirable lethal food source the termite workers readily feed on and take back to the colony to share with their nestmates. Termites die off but are not able to identify the cause. This leads ultimately to the death of the colony and the queen.
Is it OK for my kids and pets to play near the bait stations?
Yes. The stations are placed in the ground with only a service cover visible and require a special key to open. In addition, the active ingredient used in the Sentricon® system, noviflumuron, is designed specifically to disrupt the molting process that occurs only in insects and closely related organisms, not people or pets.
Is it OK to plant a vegetable and herb garden near the bait stations?
Yes. The active ingredient in the Sentricon® system is not systemic and will not be taken up by the plants, and the potential for leaching is extremely low.
What Makes the Sentricon® system my best option?
Liquid treatments are antiquated efforts to keep termites away and can be very disruptive to your property and lifestyle. But the Sentricon® system is an entire system based on the science of natural termite behavior. The award-winning, patented technology in Sentricon uses the termites themselves to destroy their entire colony and kill the queen. Learn more about choosing Sentricon as your termite control option.



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