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Can I Just Ignore Ants In Anna?

March 07, 2024 EcoArmor Pest Defense Ants
Can I Just Ignore Ants In Anna?

Ants in Anna just love residential homes. Ants are natural survivors that are highly industrious. They constantly explore their environment while hunting for food, water, and shelter, and they don’t miss a thing. If they find something they like while exploring your home — and they will — they can decide to move into your home and establish a colony. Ants build their homes behind walls, inside pipes, attics, and eaves. These hard-to-reach areas make it difficult to address ant infestations, and you can grow frustrated as they resist your efforts to eliminate them. Professional ant control solutions are critical if you want to safely get rid of ants.

If you need pest control in Anna, EcoArmor Pest Defense stands ready to help you. If you’re having trouble with ants, call us. We can help.

Common Types Of Ants That Plague Anna Homes

Ant control in your house depends on an accurate understanding of different pests, as well as their habits and behaviors. Here are some of the types of ants that you can encounter in your home:

  • Carpenter ants: bore wood to make their homes. Can cause extensive damage.
  • Crazy ants: can run around in ‘crazy’ patterns when disturbed.
  • Fire ants: have painful, venomous stings, and can attack in swarms.
  • Little black ants: love exploring your house at the floor level.
  • Odorous ants: can give off a foul odor when crushed.
  • Pharoah ants: build their homes under slabs of asphalt or concrete.

These are some of the kinds of ants that you may encounter on your property. If you are struggling with ants, EcoArmor Pest Defense can help. We know how to get rid of ants in the kitchen and everywhere else.

Does Having Ants In My Home Mean It’s Dirty?

Ant control in Anna can depend on many things, but a dirty home isn’t the only thing that attracts ants. Homeowners often feel embarrassed when they get pest infestations, thinking that getting a pest infestation means they aren’t keeping their house as clean as they should. Dirty environments are in fact attractive to ants, but they will come into even the cleanest of houses to establish colonies. Ants and other pests don’t look for dirt or grime. Instead, they look for three main things: food, water, and shelter. If they find those things close together they will establish a home, regardless of how dirty or clean your house is. 

Effective ant control is critical for keeping ants out of your house, or treating them once they’ve made their way in. If you need help with ants, EcoArmor Pest Defense can partner with you to successfully treat them. Drop us a line today.

Will An Ant Infestation Go Away On Its Own?

Unfortunately, they won’t. Ants explore their environment carefully, getting an understanding of everything that the area offers. Once they find a place that they feel is optimal, they will immediately move to the area and establish a colony. Once that colony establishes, ants will remain in the area for as long as they can, or at least until something changes. Ant infestations inside homes are persistent, and generally only go away when whey you get ant control in your house.

If ants are trying to move into your house for a long stay, you won’t be happy. EcoArmor Pest Defense wants to help you to keep that from happening. If you are having an ant problem, get in touch with us today for help.

The Most Efficient Way To Get Rid Of An Ant Infestation

If you are struggling with ants in your Anna home, EcoArmor Pest Defense knows what to do about them. If ants are causing you grief, call us. We know how to get rid of ants.