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Bee Control 101: Tips for Keeping Bees Away from Your Anna Property

March 07, 2024 EcoArmor Pest Defense Bees
Bee Control 101: Tips for Keeping Bees Away from Your Anna Property

Each year in Anna, local homeowners notice the presence of stinging insects in their lawns, gardens, and other outdoor yard areas. Although stinging insects have benefits, such as assisting with the process of pollination, they may represent problems for those who experience a painful sting. Among the most common types of these flying pests are bees, wasps, and hornets. Some of the most prevalent types of bees include honey bees, bumble bees, carpenter bees, and others.

Who provides effective pest control for bees in this region? Experienced Anna pest control professionals understand the best methods of solving problems involving bees for homeowners in this area. They can identify conditions on the property that make it vulnerable to further concerns with these creatures.

The Bee Life Cycle: From Egg To Adult Bee

Bees in Anna are primarily social creatures that form colonies, with many others grouped by category in a “caste-like” system. For example, bumblebee nests contain queens, males, and female workers. New nests are constructed during the spring months, and the queen will generate eggs while the others remain busy maintaining the nest and foraging.

In many cases, the female never leaves the nest and will create eggs that become females with reproductive capabilities that will eventually serve as queens in new colonies of bees.  The majority of adult male bumblebees exit the nest and never return. Unlike bumble bees, honey bees store ample supplies of pollen and nectar. Colonies of bees usually die off during the fall months.

Health Risks: Allergies, Stings, And Other Dangers Of Bee Infestations

Roughly two million Americans experience allergic reactions from bee stings. Many of these individuals experience anaphylactic shock, which requires prompt medical attention. An estimated 100 fatalities occur annually in the United States associated with bee stings.

Landscaping Tips For Bee Prevention: Plants To Avoid And Ones To Plant

What are some of the most effective ways of reducing the likelihood of encountering stinging insects in Anna? Consider these landscaping tips:

  • Planting lilacs and honeysuckle will likely attract bees.
  • Some herbs, such as oregano and basil, may attract bees if they flower. Consider alternatives to flowers in garden areas.
  • Some plants that may help repel bees include peppermint, eucalyptus, and thyme.

While these preventative stinging insect control strategies are often effective, those with an existing nest on their properties should consult with a pest control professional.

Professional Bee Hive Removal: The Safe And Effective Way

Are you wondering how to handle beehive removal in Anna? Based on the potential safety concerns, property owners should speak with a licensed pest control professional regarding these flying pests. The local service professionals with EcoArmor Pest Defense are familiar with the types of bees that homeowners will likely encounter and know how to control bees in backyards and other parts of the property.

Our organization offers truly full-service residential pest control solutions; we will help homeowners in Anna struggling with ants, spiders, pantry pests, and many other types of troublesome creatures that might pose health risks. We adhere to principles associated with Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a methodology that achieves a balance between efficiency, overall effectiveness, and environmental protection. IPM methods often involve preventative measures, identification of existing conditions, and much more.

After receiving an inquiry, we will deploy a properly trained service professional to the premises to assess the nature and extent of any pest-related concerns. We also address any questions that arise and clearly explain the best potential forms of treatment. Contact our office today regarding a consultation. Remember to ask about our ongoing residential service and protection plans that help keep the property pest-free all year long.