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Why Are There Fleas In My Anna Home?

March 11, 2024 EcoArmor Pest Defense Fleas
Why Are There Fleas In My Anna Home?

Fleas are parasitic pests found throughout the U.S. that feed on warm-blooded hosts as bed bugs, ticks, and lice do. Fleas are very small wingless creatures that are roughly the size of a speck of dirt, and have a reddish-brown color. Unlike many parasites, fleas prefer animal hosts, and use their powerful rear legs to jump on them. Relatively minor problems with fleas can progress quickly into major infestations, as the females can produce several thousand offspring in only a few months. The most common indication of their presence is itchiness from their bites among pets and humans.

Fleas And Your Pets

Fleas will quickly become troublesome for wild animals, and for pets that are untreated. They will likely have initial contact with a pet outdoors, and then travel into a home with them. To a lesser extent, fleas can hitchhike indoors located on clothing or furniture. When indoors, fleas will begin to lay eggs on carpeting, furniture, floorboards, and other locations. When pets are not available as hosts, fleas will pursue humans and bite in the areas of the ankles and lower legs.  

Tips For Preventing Fleas

  • Keep the exterior areas adjacent to the home free of unnecessary debris, such as leaves and other vegetation. Keep the lawn mowed, and trim back shrubs and bushes away from the structure. 
  • All pets should be placed on a preventative treatment plan for fleas and ticks, as instructed by a veterinarian.
  • Be sure to fill holes near the foundation, or spaces below doors, to prevent small rodents that are infested with fleas from entering.
  • After vacuuming, promptly dispose of the vacuum bag, or empty the canister contents in a sealable bag.
  • After spending time outdoors, inspect yourself and your pets for any evidence of fleas before returning indoors.

Do I Need Assistance From A Professional?

Far too many owners of homes either respond improperly, or fail to take any action, when they detect the presence of pests or indications of a possible intrusion. When inaction occurs, the problem does not go away, and will transition from a somewhat minor concern to a full-blown infestation that requires much more effort to eradicate. 

Many individuals mistakenly attempt do-it-yourself home treatment options sold online or in local stores that are often marketed using highly sensationalized claims of effectiveness. Unfortunately, many of those who try the store-bought products soon realize that these various traps, bait stations, aerosol sprays, and other items provide only short-term results, and are incapable of completely eliminating significant invasions by pests. The best course of action involves contacting a local pest control professional that has the knowledge, tools, and equipment to solve these problems safely and in an efficient manner. 

Licensed Provider Of Pest Extermination Solutions In Anna

Did you know that the team of seasoned professionals with EcoArmor Pest Defense has spent years providing high-quality service for both residential and commercial customers in the Anna region? Part of our sustainability stems from a long-standing commitment to customer service, and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back our work. We are a veteran-owned and operated team that is properly trained and certified. 

In addition to fleas, we are equipped to safely expel infiltrations by fire ants, mosquitoes, termites, and a host of other troublesome and potentially dangerous pests. Our technicians also understand the importance of operating in a way that is safe for our customers, their pets, and the local ecosystem. Please contact us today to schedule an onsite inspection of the interior and exterior of the premises, and a no-obligation estimate of our home pest control services