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What Every Anna Resident Should Know About Mosquito Control

What Every Anna Resident Should Know About Mosquito Control

If there’s one thing to make a person regret the time they spend outside, it’s mosquitoes. These parasitic insects may be an unrepentant irritant, but they do unfortunately serve a vital ecological function. However, you can rest assured that doesn’t mean you have to let them overrun your Anna, TX backyard and ruin your leisure. Learn everything you need to know about the blood-sucking bugs, including the best way to get their numbers under control.

How Mosquitoes Contribute To Anna Ecosystems

That’s right — no matter how pesky mosquitoes can be, we can’t get rid of them all without removing a major part of our ecological web. As surprising as it may be, the pesky parasites do more than plunder our blood. They act as an abundant food source for many other animals, and even more pleasantly out of character for what we usually think of them, play an important role as pollinators. Male mosquitoes don’t even eat blood, instead consuming nectar. It’s the females that become parasitic when it comes time for them to lay their eggs, since they need the extra protein to reproduce. Although that may explain their presence on your property, it probably doesn’t make you excited at the prospect of helping them propagate. Mosquitoes are still considered pests, and there are some justified reasons for that as well.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Anna Home Are A Huge Problem

If you’re noticing an overabundance of mosquitoes around your property, there’s more at risk than your peace of mind. Everybody’s acutely aware of the itchy welts left behind by their bites, but less know about the myriad diseases these pests can potentially transmit. It’s these pathogens combined with the mosquito’s sheer, unbridled prolificity that have propelled it up the ranks of the most dangerous insects in the world. Don’t let your familiarity with the flying fiends make you underestimate them!

The Diseases Mosquitoes In Anna Can Transmit

Millions of people every year fall ill and die due to diseases borne by mosquito bites. A few of the more infamous pathogens include:

  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus
  • Malaria
  • Yellow fever
  • Encephalitis
  • Dengue
  • Chikungunya

Some of the most common symptoms across these diseases include fever, rash, hives, headaches, joint pains, nausea, and fatigue. Complications can arise with all of them, with some symptoms progressing until they will require hospitalization. As such, the sooner you notice any suspicious symptoms and get them treated, the better. Even more advisable is to eliminate the mosquito presence around your property, if at all possible.

Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Anna Yard

Mosquitoes require an environment of high humidity and warm temperature, with a little stagnant water in which to lay their eggs. Here are a few key tips to consider for effective mosquito control:

  • Remove excess moisture around your yard, such as puddles, birdbaths, or pet bowls.
  • Keep grass, hedges, and tree branches trimmed to minimize shade, which attracts them.
  • Light some citronella candles whenever you’re outdoors to help temporarily repel them.
  • Partner with the knowledgeable professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense for comprehensive treatment and ongoing guidance.

If you’re struggling with a stubborn mosquito population in your yard or at your business, it may be prudent to consider professional help. The experts at EcoArmor Pest Defense are only a call away. Our certified technicians come armed with the cutting edge in equipment and methods, eradicating the present problem and preventing future ones from arising all in the same visit. Reach out today and discover why so many households trust EcoArmor Pest Defense for all their home pest control needs.