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The Dangers Fleas And Ticks Bring To Anna, TX Properties

The Dangers Fleas And Ticks Bring To Anna, TX Properties

Fleas and ticks are parasitic pests that need a host to survive. Unfortunately, people and pets can become a host all too easily.  Although these two pests are often lumped together, they are very different.

Ticks are oval and flat but will appear swollen after they have taken a meal. Usually, you’ll only pick up one tick at a time unless you have been in a heavily infested area. Whereas because of their reproductive cycle, fleas will be in numbers. Smaller than ticks, fleas are about 1/8th of an inch that will appear like little black dots. To see what they look like, you’ll need magnification. Both fleas and ticks can be transferred from one animal to another or from animal to person, causing problems for everyone.

As an Anna, Texas resident, whether you have pets in your home or not, you should know about the problems caused by fleas and ticks, how to control them, and what to do if you have high populations on your property. 

The Problems Caused By Fleas And Ticks

As external parasitic pests, fleas and ticks bite a host to feel on blood. During this process, these insects can transmit pathogens that cause dangerous diseases to both people and animals. For ticks, Lyme disease is an especially dangerous disease they can transfer. It can have lifelong effects if it is not caught early enough. They can also cause anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and babesiosis.

Whereas fleas spread plague, cat scratch disease, and typhus, both flea and tick bites can lead to irritations rashes, allergies, or secondary infections. Not to mention the distress you have when dealing with either of these external parasites.

You might be wondering, if you don’t have any pets, do you have to worry about fleas and ticks? The answer is yes. When it comes to ticks, you can easily pick one up by walking through tall grass, hiking in the woods, or even just in your own yard. While you are less likely to pick up fleas if you don’t have a pet, it is still possible. Wild animals can easily carry fleas onto your property.

This is why you should do what you can to limit the possibility of being exposed to them, including reducing their populations on your property.

Reducing Flea And Tick Populations

Keeping flea and tick populations to a minimum on your property can reduce the possibility of them getting into your home and causing harm to your family and pets. To accomplish this, do the following:

  • Keep foliage and grass cut, making sure it doesn’t overgrow.
  • Remove cut grass, leaves, and other debris from your yard. Debris can include unused furniture, children’s toy and playsets, and home supplies.
  • To keep fleas and ticks from migrating to your property, use gravel or wood chips to create a three-foot-wide barrier between your lawn and wooded areas.
  • Deter wildlife from your property and make sure your pet is on a preventative.

Although you should do all the above to stay safe from fleas and ticks, you should also consider ongoing professional assistance. Experts can ensure that your property remains pest-free rather than waiting for them to become a problem again.

Getting Rid Of Fleas And Ticks

If you are dealing with fleas and ticks on your Anna, Texas property, you should contact the professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense. Our trained technicians will assist you in removing them from your property and help you keep them from becoming a problem again. This in turn will keep you, your family, and your pets safe. Don’t hesitate to contact us at EcoArmor Pest Defense to learn more about our Home Pest Control plans.