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Preventing Cricket Infestations Around Your McKinney Home

Preventing Cricket Infestations Around Your McKinney Home

Coming across an infestation of crickets in your house can be frightening as this pest jumps at you and disturbs the peace with their loud chirping sounds.

If you want to learn how to get rid of crickets and prevent an invasion of this pest, you can follow the advice in our article and rely on McKinney pest control for help.

Why Do Crickets Make A Chirping Sound?

Many McKinney residents who end up with a cricket infestation are likely wondering ‘why do crickets chirp?’ This noise can be loud when there are many crickets in your home and quite disturbing as you try to sleep or relax.

Only male crickets make this chirping sound, and they do it to attract female crickets. This noise is made by the cricket rubbing their front wings together; their overall wing surfaces amplify the noise. 

All The Ways Crickets Can Enter Homes

You may notice crickets in your basement, storage spaces, or garages and be wondering exactly how this pest entered your home. For the most part, crickets will enter your home via cracks around windows, doors, or the foundation. They can also slip in under doors and windows that have poor weather stripping, or they may infiltrate through window or door screens. Crickets can also easily wander in through doors or windows left open, so keeping these areas closed and paying attention to which pests are getting inside is essential.

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Six Cricket Prevention Tips for McKinney Residents

The following cricket prevention tips can help get rid of crickets in your house and stop infestations from occurring:

  • Keep outdoor areas clear of long grasses, leaf litter, and woodpiles. These provide hiding, feeding, and nesting spots for crickets, and you should keep them to a minimum.
  • Fix leaks, drainage problems, and other moisture issues around your home. Excess moisture and humid areas significantly draw crickets looking to hide around interior areas.
  • Make sure that crawl spaces are blocked off from cricket invasions via mesh or coverings and try to keep them as dry as possible, as moist or humid crawl spaces attract cockroaches that will then move inside.
  • Seal cricket entry points such as the cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation. Also, invest in window and door screens and update any weather stripping to cricket-proof your home.
  • Crickets come to outdoor lighting, so try to invest in sodium bulbs and yellow lighting to keep this pest away.
  • Address other pest infestations on your property, as pest problems can bring in crickets looking for an easy meal.

These prevention steps can help you reduce the number of active cricket infestations and stop future cricket problems.

Keeping Crickets Out of Your Home 

To help eliminate all the different types of crickets that may invade your McKinney home, you should contact EcoArmor Pest Defense. Our team of expert technicians can help you pinpoint your most troublesome pest activity areas and assist you in removing active infestations of crickets from your property. Plus, we will help you implement prevention and protection steps that ensure infestations of crickets are kept far away from your home year-round.

Contact us today to get started treating the loud, annoying cricket infestations bothering your home.