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Pest Spotlight: Termite Control Made Simple For McKinney Homeowners

Pest Spotlight: Termite Control Made Simple For McKinney Homeowners

McKinney homeowners know that the area offers many great things. The climate allows for many months of outdoor activities, the business market is fast-paced and growing, there are many opportunities for dining and entertainment, and the housing market is strong. That makes it a great place for area residents, but pests of all types also love McKinney. If you own a home in the area, there is a high chance that you will eventually have to deal with a pest infestation. Termites are one of the area pests, and they are the single most destructive insects you are likely to have infest your home. Termites are notoriously difficult to treat due to their habits and behaviors, and, if you have a termite problem, it is critical to immediately initiate termite treatments.

Do you have termites, or think you do? EcoArmor Pest Defence is your McKinney pest control company of choice. We are the best termite company near you.

Alarming Signs You May Have Termites

Given that termites can cause expensive damage to your home, here are some indicators that you may have a termite infestation:

  • Wood damage: Bored-through or ‘hollowed out’ wood is a potential indicator of termites.
  • Shifting windows and doors: Termites damage home structures and may cause shifting.
  • Holes in interior walls: Termites sometimes chew through walls while boring wood.
  • Shed wings: If termites have swarmed, they will leave shed wings behind.
  • Swarmers: Termites will swarm periodically. If you see swarmers, you have termites.
  • Mud tubes: Some termites use mud tube passages to access your home from outside.

These tips can help you identify if termites have moved into your home and are damaging it. If you see termites, call EcoArmor Pest Defense immediately. Our expert termite removal techniques will help get termites out of your house for good.

Factors That Attract Termites To Homes And Yards

There are several things that can bring termites to your yard. Piles of clippings in your yard can be quite attractive to termites. They will nest under them and eat the wood over time. Eventually, they may choose to venture out into your house. Firewood stored on the ground is also attractive to termites, especially when it sits for extended periods of time. Finally, storing scrap lumber outside can lure termites in close as they find their favorite food: soft, moist wood. 

There are many factors that draw termites to your home, but only one company you need to help you get rid of them: EcoArmor Pest Defense is your best choice for safe, effective termite control. Call us today.

Natural Ways To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

Here are some suggestions to make it less likely that termites will decided to come and stay at your house:

  • Eliminate all exterior leaks. Wet structural wood will absolutely draw termites.
  • Clean up all wood in contact with the ground. This removes termite food sources.
  • Elevate firewood. Though still outside, it is much better than on the ground.
  • Dispose of clippings piles. This keeps termites from entering your yard and staying.
  • Store scrap wood in sheds or garages instead of outside.

These tips can help decrease your property’s attractiveness to termites, but cannot absolutely ensure that they still won’t come. If termites do decide to come, EcoArmor Pest Defense knows how to get rid of termites. Call us today, and let us help you get termites out of your home. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Termites In My Home?

Termites are a complex problem for any homeowner, and they are challenging to eradicate. DIY pest control methods are not effective on termites, and failure to control them completely allows them room to continue infesting your home (and damaging it). 

If you have termites in your home, you want them out fast. EcoArmor Pest Defense feels the same way. Call us today. Let us get termites out of your home and keep them out for good.