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Identifying Silverfish Damage In McKinney

Identifying Silverfish Damage In McKinney

Silverfish have a curious appearance and a unique appetite. These little bugs are evasive and capable of hiding in small crevices of your home. These small creatures don’t have big mouths or legs, but they don’t let that stop them from being fast and destructive. 

If you see these creepy bugs scurrying through your home, EcoArmor Pest Defense can help. We provide effective silverfish control in McKinney, and we understand the common habits and behaviors of these pests that help us develop a comprehensive elimination plan. 

What Are Silverfish?

If you spot a silverfish, you may think you have a creature from outer space inside your home. However, these tiny creatures are actually a type of insect. Silverfish have oval-shaped bodies, tapered at one end, and resemble the shape of a teardrop. Their bodies are a shiny, bluish-gray color. They have six legs that might be small but can move fast, and they are known to move in a slithering motion that looks similar to how a fish moves. 

Another thing that makes people think of a fish when they see these bugs is their love of water. You commonly find silverfish in bathrooms, basements, and other humid and moist areas of a home. They can also reproduce rapidly, and an infestation can develop quickly in your home if you don’t contact a silverfish exterminator near you as soon as you see one of these bugs inside your home. 

What Silverfish Damage Looks Like And Where It Occurs

Silverfish in McKinney have odd diets. They can eat a variety of starchy foods high in carbohydrates. They like to eat some things that other insects eat, too, such as flour, pasta, rice, and cereal. However, they also like odd foods that contain cellulose, dead organic matter, and glue and adhesives. Some things our silverfish removal experts have seen these bugs eat inside a home include books, paper, book bindings, stickers, wallpaper, cotton, silk, and cardboard. Almost all of your personal belongings could be at risk of becoming damaged if you have a silverfish infestation in your home.

Five Strategies To Deter Silverfish

Silverfish are small and quiet creatures that can sneak into your home without your knowledge. Once they are there, it can be challenging to get them to leave. Some of the techniques that our pest control experts use to prevent silverfish from invading our customers´ homes include:

  • Repair any leaking faucet or pipe immediately and completely dry the area.
  • Keep your bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, and other areas dry and well-ventilated.
  • Remove all boxes, old stacks of papers, and other objects cluttering your house. 
  • Place all dry foods in airtight containers. 
  • Seal any gaps or cracks around your home. It’s important to note that silverfish can fit through spaces only about one-sixteenth of an inch wide. 

If you have a home office or work area, it is a good idea to keep your desk and the surrounding area tidy. Keep all papers, envelopes, and other materials in the filing cabinet. 

If you aren’t sure your home is silverfish-proof, an experienced silverfish exterminator near you can help you devise the right prevention plan for your home. 

Why To Call The Experts For Silverfish Control In McKinney

If silverfish get inside your McKinney home, they can hide behind your walls and other hard-to-reach areas, making it extremely challenging to eliminate on your own.

Our professional home pest control team at EcoArmor Pest Defense can work with you to develop an effective removal and prevention plan. Give us a call today.