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How To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Anna Home

How To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Anna Home

There is nothing like sitting on a porch on a cool fall day and listening to the crickets chirp. It is peaceful and calming. What isn’t peaceful and calming is a single cricket playing his song at 3 a.m. in an undisclosed location inside your home. It is amazing how loud these pests really are and how annoying just one of these insects can be in a person’s living areas. If you are tired of finding crickets inside your Anna home or are looking for a good way to keep these pests out, we are here today to help.

What Crickets Live In Anna?

Anna is home to a few species of crickets. The most common is the house cricket. This invasive house pest is known for its sometimes beautiful song and the way it regularly finds its way indoors. Identify one of these pests by its yellowish-brown, ¾ to ?” long body, the three dark crossbands on its head, and its mostly concealed wings. 

Like spiders, house crickets live on a diet mainly consisting of dead and living insects. These pests will also consume plants and will, on occasion, damage clothing and other items made out of wool, cotton, silk, and synthetic material.

Why Crickets Invade Homes

A cricket will invade a home for three reasons. The first is because they are chasing prey and their prey happened to enter your home. The second reason is to avoid negative conditions outdoors such as a storm or cold weather. The final reason crickets invade is because they were wandering around, found a crack, gap, or hole in the exterior of your home, and decided to crawl through it. It really is that simple.

Are Crickets Dangerous?

Crickets are not the most dangerous pests by any means, but they do pose a small risk to human health. The first way they do this is by carrying and spreading disease-causing organisms onto surfaces and left-out food. Most of the diseases crickets carry cause painful sores and are not fatal to humans. The second way is by biting. Fortunately, crickets do not bite often and are non-venomous. As long as you don’t pick up these pests with your bare hands, you shouldn’t have to worry about them biting you.

Some Strategies To Prevent Crickets

Because crickets often invade homes hunting for other pests, we recommend using general pest control tips to keep them away. Here are some great places to start with this.

  • Use a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels down in your home.
  • Fix leaky piping and fixtures.
  • Clean up food messes and drink spills as they occur.
  • Seal your home’s exterior foundation using a caulking gun.
  • Address damage and other problems to window/door screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  • Keep unscreened doors and windows closed when not in use.
  • Turn exterior lights off at night.
  • Keep your indoor and outdoor living areas clean and tidy.

A Better Answer To Crickets

DIY prevention only goes so far. If you want a guaranteed and affordable solution to crickets and a range of other pests, we recommend getting a professional involved. For service you can trust at a price that won’t break your bank, look no further than EcoArmor Pest Defence. We have been in the business of providing comprehensive, year-round pest control solutions to homeowners around Anna since 2013.  Give us a call today to schedule your property for a service visit and let our team of friendly pest control technicians get your home the protection from pests you deserve.