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How To Get Rid Of A Cricket Problem Around Your Anna Home

How To Get Rid Of A Cricket Problem Around Your Anna Home

Crickets are troublesome pests found in Anna that are most prevalent during the summer and fall. According to the Gryllidae family, crickets are insects that measure roughly ¼ to 2 inches, that leap using their back legs, and may take flight. Although primarily outdoor pests, crickets will venture inside homes seeking food or shelter.

How to keep crickets out of your house? Consulting with a qualified pest management company is the best option for handling crickets. A skilled Anna pest control professional understands the best ways of controlling the cricket population.

Characteristics Of Common Crickets

What are some of the shared characteristics that exist among the various types of crickets found in Anna? Crickets have a recognizable appearance with a round head, wings, long antennae, and strong rear legs. As omnivorous scavengers, crickets eat a variety of foods such as leaves, fruits, and vegetables.

Crickets In Your Home Can Be More Than Just Annoying

Are crickets dangerous creatures? Crickets are largely viewed as a nuisance pest rather than a true threat to human health. Crickets might create minor property damage by chewing through fabric, carpeting, or paper products and staining items with their feces. Often more troublesome is the constant chirping noise that these pests generate.

In exterior areas, crickets often hide in gardens or leaf piles. If crickets enter a home, they usually seek dark and damp locations such as crawl spaces, bathrooms, or laundry rooms.

Four Easy And Effective Cricket Prevention Tips

What are the best strategies for preventing crickets in Anna? Consider the following four best practices for how to keep crickets away from your property:

  • Limit excess moisture by not overwatering lawn and garden areas and keeping gutters and downspouts clear, so water is routed away from the structure.
  • Place sweeps along the bases of entry doors and fill any gaps around windows with weatherstripping.
  • Keep the yard area around the home free of debris and trim back overgrown vegetation.
  • Turn off bright outdoor lighting, which may attract crickets.

While these four tips are proven methods of reducing the presence of bothersome crickets, those with a substantial cricket population in their yards should seek professional assistance.

Contact The Pros To Get Rid Of Crickets Fast!

What will get rid of the crickets that exist on my property? Rather than purchasing do-it-yourself home treatment options for crickets, contact a licensed pest control professional for assistance. Not only are many ineffective, but they might contain harsh products that pose health risks. The best way of addressing these concerns involves contacting pest professionals for assistance. Our experts with EcoArmor Pest Defense know how to get crickets out of houses.

EcoArmor Pest Defense now offers a Quarterly Pest Protection Plan that will establish a 10-to-15-foot perimeter of protection around the exterior of the home. One of our trained service professionals will also handle the removal of wasp nests and spider webs. Other types of pests that are included with this option are ants, pantry pests, spiders, and many other burdensome critters.

Area homeowners might also consider our ECO-Friendly Pest Protection Program, which involves bi-monthly treatment visits from a qualified service professional. We create a virtual exterior perimeter of protection using natural essential oil-based products. This comprehensive treatment plan is consistent with our commitment to ensuring the safety of our customers, their pets, and the local environment that we share.

After receiving an inquiry from a local homeowner, we deploy a staff member to the premises for a detailed property assessment. We will answer your questions and clearly outline the best available treatment options. Contact our office today for further details.