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How To Deter The Mosquitoes In Anna

How To Deter The Mosquitoes In Anna

Have you ever been invited to someone’s outdoor gathering, only to spend the entire time swatting at the mosquitoes? Unfortunately, having a mosquito infestation in one’s yard is a common problem here and one of the reasons why professional pest control in Anna is so important. Not only are mosquitoes plain obnoxious, but they can spread some terrible diseases to people too. Read on to learn more about mosquito control and how EcoArmor Pest Control can help your next outdoor get-together be the best one in the neighborhood!

Mosquitoes Are Much Needed To Maintain Our Ecosystem

When we think about these pests, our first thought is that we want to get rid of mosquitoes permanently, not just in our yard but everywhere. While applying professional treatments to your yard to repel mosquitoes is certainly a great option, unfortunately, if we were to get rid of mosquitoes completely, we would quickly realize how important they actually are to our ecosystem.

Believe it or not, mosquitoes are pollinating insects, much like bees. However, only the male mosquitoes pollinate, and they don’t do nearly as good a job as our beloved bumble bees. Regardless, they still play a role in helping our vegetation to grow.

In addition, if all mosquitoes were to disappear from the earth, many other animals would be negatively affected, fish and birds specifically. Mosquitoes are integral to the food chain, and without them, other animals would starve and possibly die off.

While we may have to accept their role in the overall biomass begrudgingly, there are certainly things we can do to keep mosquitoes away from our homes and yards.

The History Of Mosquito Control 

Like most things, mosquito control has evolved, and the technicians at EcoArmor Pest Control have access to the most advanced mosquito repellents available on the professional market. One of the reasons professional pest control in Anna is so important is because home remedies for mosquitoes are simply not powerful enough to effectively get the job done; although people have been trying for a long time to manage mosquitoes on their own:

  • Kerosene: It all started in 1867 when a farmer realized that kerosene poured in water troughs killed the insects.
  • Oil-based: By 1920, a new pesticide came on the scene in the form of an oil-base with copper acetoarsenite. This pesticide was used largely down south, particularly in the bayous in the southeast.
  • DTT: Eventually, a Swiss scientist developed a new pesticide called Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, or DTT. The military used this product for mosquito control as well because they had begun to realize that mosquitoes were part of why some soldiers were dying of specific illnesses.

Fortunately, as time has passed, much safer options have arisen to help keep mosquitoes away. Here at EcoArmor Pest Control, we can help you to thoroughly and effectively keep these pests away from your yard for good.

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood To Live?

Male mosquitoes pollinate and only feast on nectar; however, female mosquitoes are incessant biters because they need the nutrients in mammal blood in order to reproduce. 

Everything You Should Know About Mosquito Control

For nearly ten years, EcoArmor Pest Control has been helping Anna residents save money on home remedies for mosquitoes and providing them with working mosquito repellents. While armed with the latest tools and technology available on the professional market, our expert technicians are able to spray your yard in a safe, efficient manner. Our methods and strategies have been proven over time to permanently repel mosquitoes, allowing you to get back to enjoying your yard. Call us today to have your yard ready for your next outdoor gathering!