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How Ants Get Into Your Anna Home And How To Keep Them Out

March 11, 2024 EcoArmor Pest Defense Ants
How Ants Get Into Your Anna Home And How To Keep Them Out

Summer is quickly approaching in Anna, Texas—sure to bring poolside days and evening meals with the whole family. As we kick back in the sun, it’s important to know which pests may cause undue stress on you or your home, so when the first sign of infestation presents itself you may quickly take steps to remedy it. Ant invasions, in particular, may lead to a great amount of nuisance, attracted by food or water and leaving behind potential structure damage as well as general inconvenience. No matter your pest concern, this summer or any season, EcoArmor Pest Defense has your back!

Ants In Your Anna Home

A small but troubling household pest, ants are especially common in the southern United States. One of the smallest insects in America, ants are most often associated with their mounded nests, voracious appetites, and colony life. They often follow food trails, making indoor infestations highly likely once a scout has identified your home as a source for food.

Red imported fire ants are perhaps the most invasive and worrisome species of ant for homeowners in Anna, TX. Originating outside the U.S., red imported fire ants appear dark brown or rusty red in appearance with clubbed, elbowed antennae. Fire ant mounds can be two to four square feet, and have plenty of substrate along the base, which makes them very easy to spot. These colonies are typically found in cracks on the sidewalk or driveway and near corners of patchy grass. Red imported fire ants have a nasty bite, are extremely territorial, and may cause fire hazards or structural problems—which makes it extremely important to eradicate fire ants with an established pest control company as soon as you spot ants or their nest on your property. 

How Ants Get Inside

Perhaps the most important identification after finding ants in your home is locating the point of entry. Ants typically get into your home by way of crevice or structural vulnerability, lured by left behind food or water. To prevent fire ants from scouting your home, carefully check the perimeter for any small openings, including potential tears in screens, or space left beneath doors, piping, or wiring. Make sure to seal any gaps and install a door sweep. 

Homeowners should also take care to maintain their yard, and avoid large amounts of standing water or overgrown foliage. These easy preventative measures can mean the difference between ants finding their way into your home in the first place, making for a happier homeowner all around. As always, vigilance is key to a healthy home, though if you find ants in your home, do not distress. Sealing entry points and keeping a clean home will prevent future infestations after eradication. 

Common Ant Attractants

Although unintended, many conditions may lead to fire ants identifying your home as a desirable nest location. Ants are attracted by consistent food sources, adequate water (such as puddles or air moisture), unturned compost, and unsecured garbage bags. For these reasons, it’s also critical you practice proper, timely food and trash storage in addition to maintaining the outside structure of your home. Ensure leftover food and crumbs are cleaned up promptly, and all food waste receptacles are secure. It is also good practice to regularly deep clean areas that are often neglected, such as inside cupboards and underneath heavy appliances. Fire ants send out a scout to find reliable food sources. If inside or outside your home meets these conditions, the colony may choose to infest in full force, leading to a pest problem that likely requires professional-grade assistance once established. 

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Anna Home

The best form of ant control comes with professional assistance. Particularly in the case of red imported fire ants, removing an established colony is difficult work. If you have an active nest on your property, do not approach it, as fire ant bites cause painful welts and may even induce anaphylactic shock or severe swelling. If ants are inside your home, seal gaps and properly store food to reduce the chance of potential harm. Concerned homeowners in Anna, TX can entrust EcoArmor Pest Defense to eradicate pests in an effective and eco-conscious way. Our highly skilled technicians will not only perform a sweep on your property to detect possible entry points, but they will also effectively mitigate the infestation so you can stop worrying about pests in your Texas home. 

Summer should be time for relaxing—leave the worrying to us! Call EcoArmor Pest Defense today to schedule an initial fire ant inspection in Anna, Texas today.