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Help! There Are Too Many Fire Ants Around My McKinney Property

Help! There Are Too Many Fire Ants Around My McKinney Property

An influx of fire ants around your property probably has you searching for the best fire ant control for your McKinney home. Pest control is a complicated process, and learning how to get rid of fire ants can be stressful and complex.

The best way to approach this is to reference the advice in our article and trust McKinney pest control for all your fire ant removal needs.

What Does A Fire Ant Look Like?

Fire ants are somewhat recognizable due to their red bodies; this coloration ranges from a duller brown-red to a slightly shinier reddish-black and may even be a bright red depending on the fire ant species. This ant grows to a maximum of five millimeters and has a stinger they use to inject venom into anything they deem a threat. Fire ants are known for their overly aggressive nature and tendency to swarm over threats and repeatedly sting.

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Where Do Fire Ants Come From?

Fire ants prefer warm, sunny, and typically moist climates, which makes sense as this pest initially found its home in South America. However, as global shipping and commerce increased, this ant moved into the southern United States, where it finds similar conditions and tends to thrive in the warm climates.

You can detect fire ants around your property by looking for a fire ant mound in your yard or through visual sightings of this pest running around your property scavenging for food. It would be best if you did not interact with fire ant mounds too closely, as disturbing these areas can result in a swarm and plenty of dangerous stings.

Leave the fire ant mounds to our professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense. We have methods and treatments to handle these infestations safely.

What Is Attracting Fire Ants To My Property?

Fire ants in McKinney are attracted to your property for many reasons that mostly center around easy access to food, water, and shelter. Review these items that may be causing fire ant problems on your property:

  • Leaving out leftover food, dirty dishes, food, drink spills, or trash around your property or inside your home can attract hungry fire ants. Ensure your home is clean and free of trash to stop this pest.
  • Cracks around windows, doors, and the foundation of your structure offer entry to fire ants looking for shelter or an easy way to find food. It would help if you sealed these areas to deter this pest.
  • Moisture issues can create pools of excess water that attract fire ants, who need a certain amount of moisture to survive.

You should implement these steps to reduce any of these factors you have noticed around your property, preventing fire ant infestations from growing uncontrollably and protecting your property from further issues.

How Can I Protect My Family From A Fire Ant Infestation?

If you’ve noticed that you have a fire ant infestation on your property and prevention tips aren’t helping, or you want to be proactive about stopping fire ants from invading, you should reach out to EcoArmor Pest Defense.

Our team of professionals will provide you with reliable fire ant treatment in McKinney that targets your exact problems and works to remove any trace of this pest safely. We will protect your family from the painful stings a fire ant infestation can bring and ensure your home stays free of ants for the long term.