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Anna Property Owners’ Complete Guide To Black Widow Control

Anna Property Owners’ Complete Guide To Black Widow Control

Texas is home to many species of spiders, many of which are depicted in folklore and entertainment as feared creatures. Spiders serve a role in our natural ecosystem, as both a predator that helps to control the population of insects, and as prey consumed by birds and other small animals. Most of these eight-legged arthropods are a minimal threat to human health. However, two spiders found in the region that are potentially dangerous include the brown recluse and the black widow.

Identifying Characteristics

Southern black widows (Latrodectus mactans) are venomous spiders that range in size from ½ of an inch, to 1.5 inches long. The females have a distinctive “hourglass-shaped” reddish-orange marking. The black widow commonly nests in dark exterior areas near the ground, but will move indoors and might be found beneath furniture, or in basements or crawl spaces. 

The black widow builds mesh-style webs and feeds on a variety of insects, including types of ants, diplopods, and woodlice. When their prey becomes tangled in a web, the spider injects its venom before later consuming them. Having spiders indoors is often a sign that some of these preferred food sources are also living within the property.  

Encountering Black Widows And Potential Dangers

The black widow is capable of biting humans, and delivering a strong neurotoxic venom that could create very harmful reactions among children, the elderly, and those with diminished immune systems. Most of those bitten by a black widow will experience the feeling of a pinprick and develop somewhat minor swelling, redness, or other irritation. 

It is estimated that fewer than 5% of black widow bites result in fatal consequences. Some people will have an allergic reaction, and may experience varying degrees of pain for up to approximately 48 hours. Other common complaints include difficulty breathing, nausea, cramps, and excessive perspiration. 

Why Is Contacting A Licensed Exterminator So Critical?

Black widow spiders have proven to be potentially dangerous creatures; therefore, property owners are advised to exercise caution when encountering them. One commonly made mistake is purchasing do-it-yourself home treatment options, such as aerosol sprays, foggers, or bait systems marketed by online retailers and local stores. The majority of these products result in only limited and very short-term benefits, and might contain harsh chemical agents and formulas. 

Many property owners are also unaware that the presence of spiders is a possible indicator that the home has problems with insects, or other types of prey. The best course of action is to promptly contact a professional pest controller who will closely examine the nature of the problem and propose a solution. The technician may also identify potential points of entry that are allowing access for spiders, and other types of pests.

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