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Anna Homeowners’ Complete Guide To Subterranean Termite Control

Anna Homeowners’ Complete Guide To Subterranean Termite Control

The eastern subterranean termite is the most common type that plagues this region. This species is small, rarely exceeding ½ of an inch long, and they often form massive underground nests with thousands of members. Subterranean termites form a network of tunnels commonly referred to as mud tubes, which allows them safe passage from the nest to food sources. These tubes protect the insect from potential predators and dehydration, and are often visible from the exterior of a termite-infested property.

Types Of Termites In Anna

Formosan subterranean termites are another destructive type that will create underground nests, or will construct them in certain kinds of trees. Fortunately, in Texas, this species exists predominantly near the coastlines, where the climate is more moderate all year.

Termites eat the cellulose in the wood and are particularly drawn to wood that contains substantial moisture, such as areas with water damage. Often the termites begin consuming wooden structures from the interior, making early detection more challenging. 

Similar to flying ants, reproductive termites (alates) with wings are often visible gathering in swarms as part of their mating process. Property owners might notice small piles of their discarded wings indicating a possible problem. 

The Extent Of Potential Property Damage Created By Termites

In some cases, property owners will notice that floors and ceilings begin creaking or sagging. As the termites erode the interior walls, they might begin to sound hollow, and discolored moisture damage will develop. This moisture damage stems from the accumulation of saliva and mud within. 

As termites create further significant structural damage to a property, the owners commonly notice that windows and doors no longer open or close properly. The repairs are quite costly, and typically are not covered by property insurance coverage, creating large out-of-pocket expenses. 

Best Practices For Preventing Termites 

  • It is critical to prevent a property’s foundation from directly contacting the soil. Therefore, create a barrier using some inedible material, such as stone, steel, or plastic, that is treated with termiticide.
  • Termites need moisture to avoid dehydration and properly form their tubes. So, limit conditions that cause pooling water, and keep crawlspaces properly ventilated to reduce humidity.
  • Consider using pine needles or a similar alternative to mulch, and keep firewood piles stored away from the structure.

Why Do I Need Assistance From A Pest Extermination Professional?

Some property owners initially try overhyped do-it-yourself home treatment options that are marketed as being a fast and easy way of eradicating infestations by termites, mosquitoes, rodents, and many other troublesome pests. In reality, these mass-marketed products are generally not effective in eliminating the problem, and simply further your aggravation. 

Contacting a seasoned local pest extermination company is the best course of action. Eco-Armor Pest Defense serves the Anna area, and now uses a Sentricon Termite Baiting System to aggressively treat many termite intrusions. We will deploy a Certified Sentricon Specialist that will ensure the safety of our customers, and protect the local environment. 

Leading Pest Control Service Provider in Anna

Did you know that the team of experienced professionals at Eco-Armor Pest Defense is now offering a comprehensive Four Seasons Pest Prevention Program that provides year-round residential pest treatments geared specifically for either the fall, winter, spring, or summer months? Our residential and commercial pest management customers benefit from the preventative nature of our plans, which stop potential pest-related problems before they can deeply penetrate or expand their colonies or nests. 

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