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The Secret To Cricket Control In McKinney

The Secret To Cricket Control In McKinney

Crickets are a common pest insect in McKinney during the hot summer months. They are known for their distinct chirping noise, but these pests can do more than just cause annoyance and inconvenience. This article will focus on some things you can do to get rid of crickets in and around your home. We’ll talk about why crickets are so common during this time of the year and some of the issues they can cause aside from noise. Next, we’ll look at some things that attract crickets to homes in the first place. Finally, we’ll discuss the only consistent way to get crickets out of your home for good. EcoArmor Pest Defense has helped McKinney homeowners deal with crickets for years, and we’re always happy to educate our customers. See how our pest control services in McKinney can help!

Why Noisy Crickets Are Taking Over Homes Across McKinney 

Crickets are generally most active at night. If you’ve ever heard crickets chirping, you’ll know their preference for the darker part of the day. That sound actually comes from male crickets rubbing their wings together to try and attract a mate. Females lay about 100 eggs at a time, so crickets can easily ensure their survival in good conditions. Crickets in McKinney have been becoming more and more of a problem for homeowners lately due to a few factors working together. Rainfall in the early months of the year was greater than usual. Coupled with a hot, dry couple of months from late spring to summer, this creates ideal conditions for several generations of crickets to multiply at the same time. In the next section, we’ll talk about why getting rid of crickets around your home is so important.

Cricket Problems: More Than Just A Nuisance Pest

Crickets may seem slightly more than a nuisance at first, but this isn’t entirely accurate. While the chirping noise that crickets make can certainly be annoying, the real danger comes from having crickets in your home. A cricket in the walls or a nearby room can keep you up at night, making you tired and stressed from not getting enough sleep. Crickets also eat several different kinds of fabric, including silk, wool, and cotton. They may cause damage to clothing or carpets if not removed. Next, we’ll talk about what might cause a cricket infestation in the first place.

Why Do I Have Crickets In My Home?

You may wonder, “How do crickets get in my house?”. These pests often get inside through gaps in window or door frames or through openings in the exterior of your home.

Crickets in McKinney can be attracted to a home by several different factors, including: 

  • Warmth from the home during colder weather
  • Electrical lights
  • Weeds and long grass near the home
  • Sweaty clothes 

By keeping your yard well-maintained, turning off outdoor lights at night, and sealing any cracks outside your home, you can cut down on the risks of a cricket infestation. If you do find yourself dealing with these pests, you can always call the professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense.

The Only Effective Solution To Crickets In McKinney

If you’re a McKinney homeowner looking to get rid of crickets in your house, look no further than EcoArmor Pest Defense. We’re a family and a veteran-owned company that has been serving the area for years, providing quality pest control to homeowners when they need it most. We work with all our customers individually to make sure we can meet their needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Contact EcoArmor Pest Defense today for more information about our residential and commercial pest control services in McKinney.