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Quality Rodent Control For Your Anna Home Or Business

Rodent infestations are terrible to experience, whether it's your home or your place of business. When rodents get inside, problems like property damage, health problems, and lack of enjoyment are all too common for property owners in the Anna, TX, area.

While there are multiple species of rodents, the most common you'll come across are mice, rats, and squirrels. With an ability to reproduce rapidly and talent for hiding, a seemingly small infestation can quickly spin out of control. For this reason, professional rodent control services are vital to reclaiming your property.

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Our Rodent Control Process

Rodent control isn't something that is done lightly and without due diligence. Rodents don't discriminate in what they do, which means they can be anywhere on the property. With such a wide spread, it can be difficult getting all of them, which only hurts your chances of controlling the rodent population.

For this reason, we employ a very specific process to address your rodent problems and provide the long-term solutions needed to deliver the results you're counting on. Without exception, we always begin with an inspection to get an idea of what exactly you're facing.

The first area we check is the attic. During this part, we also take the time to identify the food and water sources attracting the rodents. Keep in mind that eliminating simple leaks and cleaning up crumbs around the home will assist in overall control.

During the inspection, we'll also identify the areas where the rodents are burrowing within the attic or crawl space. After this, we’ll inspect the exterior and identify all of the potential entry points into the home.

Once the entry points are identified, we'll seal them off and start turning your property into a rodent-proof fortress. We will repair smaller entry points like vent coverings, AC connections, eaves, etc.

For larger repairs, we have a sister company that we will refer you to as needed. Once it's time for treatment, we'll place traps in the attic and bait stations on the exterior if needed. For rodents like squirrels, we will place one-way doors.

As part of our follow-up process, we'll return every five to seven days to remove rodents, replace traps, fill up bait stations, and more until the problem is fully resolved.

If you're suffering from a rodent infestation in your Dallas Fort Worth area property, don't hesitate to contact our service professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense. We're here to help you every step of the way.

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