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Professional Pest Management For Richardson, TX Properties

Home to the University of Texas at Dallas and a variety of telecommunication companies, the modern suburb of Richardson is an exciting place to live, work, and play. This cultural center is less than a half-hour drive from Dallas, giving us access to the city while allowing us to enjoy the pace of suburban life. But when pests get in the way, things take a turn for the worse. Your Richardson property is at risk for pest infestation all year long, and the best way to protect yourself is to secure ongoing services from the pest professionals.

Welcome to EcoArmor Pest Defense, your go-to source for dependable Dallas County pest control. Since 2013, our veteran-owned and operated family pest control company has been bringing our valued customers specialized, seasonal pest control and customized treatments. We’re proud to service homes and businesses throughout Richardson and the surrounding areas, offering the most comprehensive pest solutions in the DFW Metroplex. Whatever your pest problem, our experienced service professionals are here to help. Call today for your service quote. 

Home Pest Control In Richardson, TX

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We've got your back if you want to protect your Richardson home from the dangers of household pest infestation. Our team has safeguarded over 800 residences from household pest problems, dealing with common area invaders like cockroaches, ants, rodents, and many others. Our residential pest control process includes:

Home Inspection

  • Interior and exterior

  • Signs of pests, active pests, and conducive conditions

  • Consultation to establish a schedule for treatment

Treatment & Service

  • Liquid barrier application ten feet from the home

  • De-webbing the exterior roofline

  • Dusting exterior weep holes

  • Dusting interior plumbing penetrations

  • Granulate around the house and yard

  • Rodent stations placed where necessary

  • Treating interior hot spots

Follow-Up Visits

  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly

  • Based upon needs and level of pest activity

We’re proud to offer customized treatment plans and ongoing follow-up services to keep you protected on an ongoing basis. We also offer green options for pests like spiders and mosquitoes and same-day and emergency services. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Richardson, TX

With over 5,000 businesses in Richardson, the competition can be pretty fierce, and that’s why it’s important for local business owners to say on top of their pest control needs. EcoArmor Pest Defense is here to guard your business against pest infestation. Our commercial pest services include:

  • Interior and exterior inspections to detect signs of pests, active pests, and conducive conditions
  • Liquid barrier applications around the perimeter of the building
  • Laying granules and setting out a rodent bait station when necessary
  • De-webbing of the exterior
  • Customizable follow-up services based upon business and pest issues

We’ve treated many different kinds of facilities, some of which include restaurants, bars, retail centers, medical offices, grocery stores, community workspaces, schools, and warehouses. Get in touch with us today. 

Fire Ant Prevention Tips Everyone In Richardson Ought To Know

When it comes to fire ant control, it’s a good idea to be as proactive as possible in your prevention efforts. Here are some fire ant prevention tips everyone in Richardson ought to know:

  • Eliminate anything stacked or piled up against the house
  • Get rid of standing water and excess moisture around the home.
  • Maintain cleanliness, cleaning up food and sealing it properly.
  • Take out the trash regularly and store it in a tightly sealed garbage can.
  • Seal up cracks and spaces around your house to prevent entry.

If you’re looking for reliable fire ant control in Richardson, EcoArmor Pest Defense is here to help. Our team of experienced pest technicians is ready to tackle your ant problem, so call today, and we’ll get started. 

The Dangers Of Rodents In Your Richardson Commercial Facility

Rodents are extremely destructive pests that are not only upsetting to see but are also very harmful. As a local business owner, it’s essential to understand the dangers of rodents in your Richardson commercial facility.

First, rodents gnaw on structural elements of your property. They can chew on electrical wiring, which can cause a fire to break out. In terms of the potential diseases that rodents transmit, keep in mind that rodents bite and also cause widespread contamination. These two things pose serious health conditions like hantavirus, leptospirosis, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, L.C.M. (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis), and tularemia.

The most effective form of rodent protection is regularly scheduled services from the pest professionals. Get in touch with EcoArmor Pest Defense today to learn more about our year-round rodent control and prevention solutions. 

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