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Mosquitoes In Melissa Can Be Tricky To Tackle

Mosquitoes In Melissa Can Be Tricky To Tackle

Mosquitoes are some of the most frequently encountered outside pest insects in Melissa. The area is optimal for them and they thrive here. The reason that mosquitoes can be so aggravating is that they are not considered passive pests. Some pests come onto your property to get into your garbage or food stores. Some are looking for a place to live. Mosquitoes? They need blood to survive, and because of that they come onto your property looking for you. Once they find you, they will pursue you relentlessly. 

Mosquitoes can pester you endlessly and make it nearly impossible to enjoy your yard. If you have a mosquito problem, call EcoArmor Pest Defense immediately. We have extensive experience in how to get rid of mosquitoes, and we are your best choice for all pest control in Melissa. Call us today. We know how to kill mosquitoes.

The Three Types Of Mosquitoes Common In Melissa

Here are a few of the types of mosquitoes that you are likely to encounter around your Melissa home:

  • Asian tiger mosquito: This persistent pest was introduced to the area in the 1980’s, and has seen runaway expansion. These are aggressive biters and can carry diseases.
  • Southern house mosquito: This mosquito is the most common carrier of the West Nile virus in the United States. These mosquitoes are brown and have stealthy bites.
  • Western encephalitis mosquito: This mosquito is recognized as the most significant virus-carrying mosquito in the United States.

There are many different kinds of mosquitoes, and many of them are perfectly happy trying to feed on you. If you are struggling with mosquitoes on your property, EcoArmor Pest Defense knows how to help. Call us today.

Why Mosquitoes Are Considered So Dangerous

When mosquitoes bite, they target tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin. To keep the blood from clotting as they feed, however, they inject their saliva at the same time. It contains a protein that helps stop the blood from clotting. Mosquitoes can pick up diseases when they feed on a host that has a virus. Once inside, the virus can move to the salivary glands of the mosquito and continue living there. Thus, when the mosquito lands on someone else and starts feeding, it is literally injecting them with a virus at the exact same time. 

Don’t let mosquitoes threaten your safety with their bites. EcoArmor Pest Defense can help you fight them. Contact us today for help with mosquitoes. 

Six Naturally Effective Mosquito Prevention Tips

Given that mosquitoes can bring a lot of serious problems along with them, here are some great tips for decreasing the chances you have to deal with them:

  • Clean up all the standing water outside. Mosquitoes use water like this to breed.
  • Keep grass and greenery trimmed. Mosquitoes like to harbor in longer greenery.
  • Wear repellent outside. Mosquito repellents with DEET can be highly effective.
  • Wear protective clothing. The less access mosquitoes have to skin, the better.
  • Wear heavier clothing. Mosquitoes can easily get through synthetics, but not cotton.
  • Make sure screens are tightly sealed. This prevents mosquitos from coming inside.

These tips can assist you with mosquito prevention, but given that they are a wide-ranging outside pest, you can be sure that you will see mosquitoes at least a little bit. When you do, call EcoArmor Pest Defence. We know how to keep mosquitoes away.

The Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes outside is to call us on the phone. EcoArmor Pest Defence knows the best ways to keep mosquitoes away, and we can help you get your house and yard back from mosquitoes.