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Downsides Of DIY Bed Bug Treatments In McKinney

Downsides Of DIY Bed Bug Treatments In McKinney

Bed bugs are a common pest that most homeowners aren’t prepared to face. They can cause a lot of issues and make your life a lot more annoying.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of bed bug control in McKinney. We’ll discuss the reasons why bed bugs are so difficult to get rid of or treat, why do-it-yourself bed bug treatments are often so ineffective, and how professionals will typically handle a bed bug invasion in your home.

Finally, we’ll talk about why professional pest control is usually the best way to get rid of bed bugs. At EcoArmor Pest Defense, we’ve been serving our local areas for years and have the tools and experience necessary to handle any pest problem.

Why Bed Bugs Are Among The Most Difficult Pests To Treat 

Bed bugs are considered by many pest professionals to be the most challenging insect to control or get rid of permanently. In fact, a study done by the National Pest Management Association recorded that 76% of pest professionals interviewed said bed bugs were the hardest insects to eradicate from a home.

There are a few reasons for this large consensus. The first reason is that bed bugs are tough to spot. They are usually less than 1/4 inch long and tend to hide during the day, so they often go unnoticed for long periods. Another key reason bed bugs multiply quickly is their ability to reproduce at a terrifying rate. Female bed bugs can lay more than 500 eggs during their short lifetimes, leading to bed bugs spreading faster than a homeowner can eliminate them. 

In the next section, we’ll talk about why do-it-yourself solutions don’t often work against bed bug infestations.

Why DIY Bed Bug Treatments Are Often Ineffective 

It’s only natural for a homeowner to want to get rid of bed bugs as quickly as possible. However, many homeowners resort to questionable treatments to do so. Do-it-yourself pest control isn’t usually a great idea – you’re often relying on information from unverified and unprofessional sources that may not yield the results you’re looking for. It’s easy to sink time and money into these DIY solutions without having a meaningful impact on the problem you’re trying to fix. So, how do the pros handle bed bugs?

How The Professionals Treat Bed Bugs In McKinney 

Professional pest control companies have methods for dealing with bed bugs that the average homeowner can’t access; this gives them the edge when trying to eliminate these insects from a home. Bed bug experts will often use these techniques: 

  • Heat treatments which raise the temperature of the infested area so bed bugs can’t survive
  • Pesticide dusts and sprays, which are usually applied multiple times
  • Mattress encasements, which contain bed bugs to the area they’ve infested, for removal
  • Crevice injections or spot treatments which help to eliminate bed bugs in small areas

A professional pest control expert best performs these treatments, as they will know where and how to use them. If you need professional bed bug exterminators in McKinney, just call EcoArmor Pest Defense.

Call EcoArmor For Expert Bed Bug Elimination In McKinney 

EcoArmor Pest Defense has been serving the McKinney area for years, helping homeowners like you get rid of bed bugs. We are a family- and veteran-owned company, and we pride ourselves on offering excellent service to every customer every time. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our bed bug removal services that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. 

To learn more or request a free quote, contact EcoArmor Pest Defense today.