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Pest problems happen all the time, whether it's at your residence or your business. EcoArmor Pest Defense is here to take care of those pest problems, so you don't have to worry about them any longer than necessary. Our service professionals will help you with all of your pest concerns so that you can enjoy peace of mind. Our services are so effective we back them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't wait to experience a new, pest-free way of living.


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Do you want to keep cricket infestations away from your McKinney home? We give you our top prevention tips to get you started.

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Are fire ants running wild around your McKinney property? Here’s what you should do about this troublesome stinging pest.

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Are mosquitoes around your Melissa property getting on your last nerve? Avoid getting eaten alive and get informed about these biting insects and how quality pest control can eliminate them.

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