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Located in Collin County, Blue Ridge is proud to be a town that is just off the beaten path! We offer our residents the benefits of small-town life, including neighbors knowing each other, but our location means it is only a quick trip to our area’s larger cities. Simply put, Blue Ridge is a great place to call home! Unfortunately, like other cities and towns in Texas, it isn't just people who call Blue Ridge home; so do many insects, rodents, and other pests.

To guard your Blue Ridge, Texas home or business against pests, trust the local professionals at EcoArmor Pest Defense. We are a veteran-owned and operated company dedicated to our community and protecting its homes and businesses against pests. Let our effective pest control programs protect your Blue Ridge home from pests throughout the year!

Home Pest Control In Blue Ridge, TX

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Pests can become a problem inside any of our Blue Ridge homes. Ants, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, and other household invading pests are opportunistic. They will take advantage of any indoor or outdoor space that offers them a source of food, water, and shelter. At EcoArmor Pest Defense, we understand that every home has varying needs, and we are committed to meeting those needs.

We've designed our range of home pest control programs to meet the needs of each of our customers:

  • Quarterly Pest Protection Plan
  • Eco-Friendly Pest Protection Program
  • Mosquito Reduction Program

To learn which of our home pest control programs is the right fit for you or to request your free estimate, give us a call today!

Commercial Pest Control In Blue Ridge, TX

To guard your commercial property against pests and help safeguard your business reputation within the community, you need reliable pest control services. At EcoArmor Pest Defense, we understand how vital long-term pest control is to the success of your business. Through our customizable pest control services, you can be sure we will meet your specific business's unique pest control needs.

In addition to our general commercial pest control services, we can guard your property against a variety of particular pests, including:

  • Fire Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites

To learn the specifics about our commercial pest control services, including how Integrated Pest Management (IPM) will effectively solve your business's pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment, contact us today!

Are The Fire Ants In Blue Ridge Dangerous?

Ants are never a welcome sight in our Blue Ridge yards and homes. They invade in large numbers and are difficult to eliminate. However, some species of ants are more problematic to deal with than others.

One of the most dreaded ant species to find on your property is the fire ant. Fire ants are tiny in size, but their aggressive nature and desire to protect their nest by attacking as a group are almost unmatched.

Having fire ants on your property can dramatically decrease your family's ability to use their outdoor space. Just walking by a nest in your yard will elicit an attack.

Fire ants bite us and then deliver painful venom-filled bites that leave red welts and an unpleasant burning sensation. Those allergic to their venom may experience a life-threatening allergic reaction.

The safest and most ideal way to eliminate these dangerous ants from your yard is with the help of professional fire ant control services. Call us at EcoArmor Pest Defense to learn about our fire ant control services.

Why Termites Are A Year-Round Concern For Blue Ridge Residents

Termites are wood-eating pests that live throughout much of the United States, with the southern states having the highest populations of these destructive pests. In Texas, termites are active throughout the entire year, meaning that at any time, your home may become a termite colony's new feeding grounds.

Creating their nests deep within the soil provides the insulation they need to remain active during the colder months. Our homes are temperature-controlled, allowing them to continue eating away at the structural wood no matter the temperature outside.

Since termites are a year-round threat in Blue Ridge, you must never let your guard down and protect your home against termites throughout the entire year. The best way to do this is to partner with a local and experienced professional.

At EcoArmor Pest Defense, our termite control services will provide the ongoing protection you need through regular termite inspections and effective treatments.

Don't wait until termites are causing damage in your Blue Ridge home; reach out today to begin guarding your home against destructive, wood-eating termites with the help of our effective termite control services

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