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Professional Pest Management For Gunter, TX Properties

People usually envision Texas with flat desert plains, herds of cows, and old western décor. The town of Gunter easily fits into these mental expectations, filled with a rich history and southern charm. Gunter is near the northernmost border of the state, which falls inside the Denison Metropolitan Statistical Area near Grayson County. The town prides itself on its 'home country' atmosphere, populated by roughly 2,000 people. Gunter mainly focuses on environmental stability and conservation, doing whatever it can to preserve the natural beauty found all around them.

This also means preserving less-than-lovable parts of the natural world, including ants, termites, and spiders. Pests are a leading concern for Gunter home and business owners and are becoming increasingly active as the years pass. Fight back against Gunter's most notorious pests with the crew at EcoArmor Pest Defense, Texas' number one provider of eco-friendly exterminator products. We place a unique barrier around homes and businesses that act fast, remaining in place for several weeks. To schedule an initial pest appointment around your Gunter home, reach out to the crew at EcoArmor Pest Defense. Your contact form will let us craft a plan just for you.

Home Pest Control In Gunter, TX

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Of the 324 households found in the Gunter area, 100% of them require professional pest control measures. The team at EcoArmor Pest Defense has been the homeowner’s first choice in protection since 2013, striving for total pest reduction at all seasons of the year. We provide guaranteed results with our residential pest control plans:

  • Quarterly Pest Protection Plan
  • ECO-Friendly Pest Protection Program
  • Mosquito Reduction Program

Inquire about these or other services by reaching out to EcoArmor Pest Defense.

Commercial Pest Control In Gunter, TX

Every business in Gunter, TX, needs proper commercial pest control solutions. Not only are these some of the essential parts of the modern enterprise, but they could save business owners an enormous amount of time, money, and stress.

As a local business, EcoArmor Pest Defense is well aware of pest threats in Gunter and is more than happy to help local businesses keep them out. We are your best choice in environmentally sound pest solutions, keeping your property safe for customers, employees, and all passersby. We target these specific commercial pests:

  • Fire ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rats And Mice
  • Termites

Set your business up for success with commercial pest control plans from EcoArmor Pest Defense.

Is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Termite Control Effective In Gunter?

There are two termites species commonly found around the Gunter area, both of which can cause enormous amounts of damage in homes and businesses. Both subterranean and drywood termites are impossible to spot without prior training and maybe active year-round due to this area’s humid climate. Some homeowners believe that they can handle infestations on their own, opting to invest in regular DIY controls from various locations. However, it is important to note that DIY termite control is neither effective nor cost-efficient. Here’s why:

  • DIY controls could be extremely toxic at high doses and endanger your safety.
  • Many DIY controls are aimed at prevention rather than elimination.
  • The vast majority of home remedies are based on internet ‘old wives’ tales, which do not help homeowners manage the root of their pest issues.

For pest control proven to work both quickly and naturally, invest in the help of EcoArmor Pest Defense. Our environmentally sound products are found to eliminate termite populations in just a few simple treatments, keeping your home protected for years to come. Establish a plan made just for you by calling us today. 

Five Ways To Prevent Spider Infestations In Gunter Homes

Spiders are problematic pests around Gunter homes and businesses, making it difficult to enjoy an enhanced quality of life. Not all species of spiders can affect the health of humans and pets, but all of them are armed and dangerous. Every spider has fangs and venom, which they use to incapacitate their prey. However, most spiders are not venomous enough to damage the average human. Some species, including brown recluse spiders and black widows, may require hospitalization after a bite.

If you are concerned about spider species getting inside your Gunter home, there may be some mitigation steps you can take today. Follow these five pointers:

  • Wipe away webs from the sides of the home.
  • Remove all clutter from areas around the home.
  • Stack firewood at least 25 feet away from the house’s foundation.
  • Continuously check children’s play equipment for signs of spider nesting.
  • Have your home inspected for a secondary pest infestation that may be drawing spiders inside.

Work smarter, not harder, against spider infestations in Gunter. Submit an online contact form to receive a spider inspection as soon as possible.

Why Bed Bug Infestations In Gunter Can Be Difficult To Detect

Most people know they don’t want bed bugs, but not many property owners understand how a bed bug infestation actually starts. Unlike other pests that directly invade our yards and homes and are drawn in by the food scraps in our trash cans, bed bugs don’t really invade a property by themselves. 

Instead, bed bugs hitchhike from one infested area to another, clinging to people’s hair, skin, clothing, or used items as they get carried into our homes without us even realizing it. And they don’t feed on the food in our pantries, but rather the nutrients found in our blood. Bed bugs feed on us while we sleep,  which is where their name comes from, and leave itchy bite marks on the skin.

This behavior is what makes bed bugs a problem that can happen to anybody. Even clean homes can wind up with an infestation, and the bite marks on your person tend to be the first and only sign residents get that they even have bed bugs. 

This is why you need to turn to experts for inspections of your entire property if you notice signs of bed bug activity. At EcoArmor Pest Defense, we provide bed bug treatments that fully eliminate the population. We always follow up on this service to make sure we got all the bugs and eggs that might cause the problem to grow right back. 

To truly eliminate bed bugs in Gunter, contact EcoArmor Pest Defense right away. 

Tips For Gunter Residents To Keep Fire Ants Out Of The Yard

One of the most dangerous species of ants in the world is fire ants. As their name suggests, they are bright red in color, but most people don’t realize that their burning name also comes from the intense stings they can dole out to people who get too close to their colonies. 

Keeping fire ants out of your yard in the first place is better than trying to remove them once they’ve already moved in. If you do wind up with fire ants, stay away from their mounds and contact pest removal specialists immediately. 

Here are some tips for how you can reduce your risk of fire ants in your yard: 

  • Moisture: Fire ants are drawn to areas with high moisture concentration, so addressing your yard’s drainage is an important factor for pest prevention. 
  • Inspections: Trained professionals don’t just eliminate pests that are already there. We also provide inspections and guidance for how you can address factors that might be attracting pests to your yard. 
  • Treatments: Treatments aren’t just for eliminating existing pest problems, either. EcoArmor’s yard treatments help ward off pest populations from forming in the first place. 

Let EcoArmor Pest Defense help you with fire ant control in Gunter, Texas, by contacting us right away. 

Five Strategies To Reduce Your Risk For Mosquito Bites In Gunter

Mosquitoes can put a real damper on your time spent outdoors, especially if you like to enjoy large family gatherings and neighborhood barbecues. These flying parasites bite people and feed on our blood, and they can even carry diseases that are capable of being transmitted directly into the bloodstream. 

To avoid mosquitoes and make your yard less attractive to them, you should get started on these steps long before mosquito activity picks up in the summer: 

  • Landscaping: Yards with big trees, overgrowth, and tall grass are naturally more attractive to mosquitoes that like having lots of places to land in the shade and wait for people to come close. 
  • Moisture: Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so yards with excessive moisture are also attractive to mosquito populations.  
  • Schedule: Mosquitoes tend to be most active during the hours when the sun is first rising in the sky or setting for the night. Confining your outdoor activities to other hours can help reduce your risk of bites. 
  • Products: You can treat yourself, your clothing, or items like candles and torches with some products that act as natural mosquito repellents, but bear in mind that these provide only temporary protection. 
  • Treatments: To truly keep mosquitoes away, you need yard treatments from professionals who can eliminate existing populations and shield your yard from mosquitoes invading again. 

Get started on yard treatments for mosquitoes today by contacting EcoArmor Pest Defense.

Rodent Facts Every Gunter Homeowner Should Be Aware Of

Rodents are a lot more common than most people realize, and they are good at hiding on your property so they can continue taking advantage of the shelter and food it provides. Not only can this make them difficult to address, but rodents can also lead to larger issues for Gunter property owners. 

Rodents can carry diseases and parasites, and they can also damage your property by constantly chewing on items to file their large teeth down. To avoid these consequences of an infestation, you really need to take steps to protect your home from rodents before these issues manifest. 

With help from pros, you can quickly root out rodent infestations and get guidance on how you can reduce your risk of infestations and keep them out in the future. 

Get rodent control in Gunter by contacting EcoArmor Pest Defense today.

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